Meet Arrity

Vermont-based doula providing evidence-based information coupled with personalized emotional and physical support.

Why Arrity?

My calm, compassionate demeanor through all scenarios makes me a great fit for birth and postpartum.  I provide evidence-based information coupled with personalized emotional, and physical support to ensure the birthing person can navigate the many changes and choices that come with the birthing process and the postpartum period for families today.

I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to have by my side before, during, and after my first birth. Arrity helped in so many ways and brought a bright and encouraging atmosphere to an experience that was all intimidating to me.
Mackenzie D.

hi! I’m arrity.

I am a mom to 3 beautifully wild girls. Through my own experiences with birth and two hard postpartum periods I became overly Interested in other people’s birth stories. Exploring my interest in birth I joined the volunteer doula at the University of Vermont Medical Center which solidified my passion in being a doula.  I can truly say I found my purpose in life. ♥️

I am a labor and postpartum doula because I believe solid support from pregnancy through the postpartum is so important as people transition into parenthood. I offer informed, compassionate support based on my trainings through CAPPA , the Volunteer Doula Program, as well as from my own personal birth experiences.  Through the Volunteer Doula program I have been exposed to a diverse variety of birth experiences. I frequently attend birth-work related workshops to continually grow and educate myself so that I may expand the lens in which I operate from.

With so many ways to grow your family I am here to listen and support you in however that may be.  I will listen to you and what your dream birth looks like then I will wholeheartedly support you in achieving the birth you deserve. Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of bringing your baby home? I am here to support and guide your family into this new stage of life.

I believe in the right of bodily autonomy and informed choice, and I’m ready and eager to support any birth and postpartum period in which these rights are upheld.  Having a homebirth? Scheduling a cesarean? Do you want an unmedicated birth? Planning an induction? Going straight for the epidural? Want guidance at home after leaving the hospital? Amazing, let’s make it happen!

My Practice

Learn more about my philosophy and approach.

I offer non-judgmental, individualized, person-focused support through the full spectrum of reproductive experiences. This includes before, during, and after pregnancy, through the postpartum period, and into parenthood.

Pregnancies don’t always end the same, whether intentional or unintentional. As a full spectrum doula I offer support for all outcomes, including live birth, miscarriage, abortion, and stillbirth.

I believe in inclusive doula support for all people, with anti-racism and cultural humility at the core of my values.  As someone who is neuro-divergent myself, I welcome people of all levels of ability, all cultures, all sizes, all genders and sexualities. I understand that my lived experiences may be nothing like the lived experiences of the people I may serve. If you need help finding a birth worker with a deeper understanding of your lived experiences, I am happy to provide referrals based on your needs.

I come from a place of understanding that most people have experienced trauma to some degree or another, and these experiences have shaped the people we are today. It is my goal to prevent re-traumatization by operating with a trauma informed lens with all birthing and postpartum people. I will make sure that you feel seen, heard, respected, and validated in your experience and feelings, and empower you in your choices that need to be made.

It is my honor to support families of all shapes and sizes. Single parent, two-parent, and 3+ parent families, families through surrogacy or adoption, those with same-sex, non-binary, or transgender parents, all families are loved and supported here. LGBTQIA+ Friendly & Transgender Safe Space


Trainings & Certifications

  • UVM Volunteer Doula Program Training (completed)
  • Labor Doula Training (completed)— CAPPA certification (In Progress)
  • Postpartum Doula Training — CAPPA certification (In Progress) 
  • Pediatric CPR & First Aid—certified through Red Cross

Workshops & Memberships

  • Pelvic Biomechanics with Brittany Sharpe McCollum
  • When Survivors Give Birth Workshop with Selena Shelley, MA, LMHC, CD, LCCE
  • Understanding Labor Progress without Relying on Internal Exam with Brittany Sharpe McCollum 
  • Evidence-Based Birth – Professional Member

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