Client Reviews

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The birth of my second son Samuel is one of the most powerful and life-changing experiences of my life. This is due in large part to the expertise of Arrity. I did not plan to have a doula at this birth, but when offered by the nurse at UVM to have a volunteer doula I immediately said yes. Even though it was 4:00 am, Arrity showed up with a big smile on her face and was ready to step in and help me through the journey. My previous birthing experience with my first son Dean, while not bad, was long, medicated, and I didn’t feel I had as much control as I would have liked. But because of Arrity I was able to have Samuel completely natural (unmedicated). She had me bouncing on the birthing ball, provided the best hip squeeze to alleviate pain from contractions, and was extremely supportive and encouraging. Her expertise in birthing positions and coaching was like nothing I had experienced before. She could sense when my contractions were coming and what I needed in order to move through them. From start to finish it took only a total of 7 hours to bring Samuel into the world. I fully believe that this was possible because of Arrity’s presence. Without those hip squeezes I most likely would have given into the pain and gotten the epidural. But because of her helping touch I felt empowered to make it through every contraction. Arrity also stayed by my side for at least an hour or two after the birth to ensure I felt safe and secure. Although right now I’m not sure if I’ll have more children, if I do I will absolutely be calling on Arrity to be my personal doula!
Caitlin Z.
I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to have by my side before, during, and after my first birth. Arrity helped in so many ways and brought a bright and encouraging atmosphere to an experience that was all intimidating to me. I met her in the beginning of my third trimester and I wish I had met her sooner. She helped me stay informed as to what was going on with both me and my baby, and gave me all the information I asked for and gave me options I hadn’t known about before. While in labor she provided comfort and even made a hospital room feel relaxing. When I was in labor and unable to speak she was my voice and stated my needs and wants to the doctors that she had asked me about previously. After my birth she checked in on me and continued to provide me with thoughtful care. All and all I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Arrity provided me physical tools as well as emotional tools that got me through my pregnancy, birth, and recovery after birth.
Mackenzie D. 
Arrity was one of our doulas when we were at UVM having our daughter. She was soft spoken, compassionate, thoughtful and just an absolute pleasure to have at our bedside. It meant more than I can put into words the care she showed my wife, and I for that matter. She brought so much life experience into our space and it was like we had a friend in there with us. She is also quick witted and funny… which I appreciated! She also helped lower my blood pressure when our night nurse would come in… every 5 minutes… for 10 straight hours. We had 3 doulas in our 8 days at UVM but Arrity was one of the ones that stuck out to me because of her experience as a mother and doula, I feel like she had a more emotional connection because this isn’t just a job, it’s who she is and that showed. 10 out of 10 stars
Michael Stearns
Being nearly 40 and having our first child, when offered the support of a doula, I said, “Yes!”  I underwent multiple, uncomfortable and painful, attempts of induction to which my baby and I were unresponsive.  We were being continuously monitored by hospital staff and sleep became impossible.  When Arrity walked through the door of the hospital room, a sense of calm came over me.  She immediately put me at ease creating a space where I felt heard and seen.  Her personal knowledge and professional experience around labor, delivery and birth were gratefully received by me and my husband.  The night before I was rushed for an emergency C-section, Arrity stayed awake with me.  She provided emotional and mental support to a mind and body becoming increasingly strained and exhausted.  She was an incredible support to my husband, who was struggling with the invasive procedures intended to bring our baby out into the world naturally.  She offered him support and perspective as he felt himself becoming increasingly helpless.  After our daughter was born, Arrity came to see us.  She came to see the woman who had endured more than just labor, she came to see a woman who had labored years to have this baby.  She brought gifts for me and our new daughter.  And yet, the real gift was having Arrity as our doula.  We are gratefully looking forward to the day when we will call upon her again to bring our next child into the world.  We cannot imagine doing it without her. With much gratitude, Stacey 
Stacey Stearns
Arrity was exactly who I needed on the most challenging and beautiful day of my life.  As a first time mom, I didn’t truly know what delivery day would bring and I didn’t know how to advocate for myself. Arrity brought her calm energy in helping me manage the pain while making my needs known to the medical team when I felt forgotten. Hospital staff are so busy and overworked whereas Arrity devoted her full self to helping me navigate the birthing process and literally held my hand through it all. I can’t imagine the day without her and so glad she was a part of my birth story. Thank you Arrity!!!
Elizabeth V.
We had the pleasure of working with Arrity for my first birth and were so thankful to have had her there. I had been contemplating having a doula but when I heard that UVM had a volunteer Doula service I loved that they gave you the option if needed.
As much as my husband is a great supporter, I knew that especially being my first, it could be challenging in the moment to know how to help soothe the situation. 
I’m not going to lie but I wasn’t sure how I’d feel by having someone in there that I didn’t really know, but when we first met Arrity she was very warm and welcoming. She made us feel comfortable and instantly was helpful in not only how I could relax but how my husband could help me as well. 
She was very supportive not only during birth but after to ensure that I was feeling good as a new mom.
We have said over and over that we couldn’t have done it without her and are so thankful to have had her by our sides. Thank you soo much!! 
Alicia A.
If you are thinking about getting a doula, or are on the fence about it, or have no idea what they might do, just please sign up with this person. It was a completely last minute decision for me and … was I glad I made the right one. I had a good-sized team with me for my first birth and Arrity was truly my MVP, hands down. From induction at 3:30pm until birth at 6:45am with no epidural, Arrity was with me through… it…all. She took such great care of me in every moment, making me as comfortable as one possibly could in a time of one’s highest vulnerability. If this is any indication, I remember seeking her out most of all in the entire room of faces. That’s how valuable she is. I count my blessings, our paths crossed, and I hope she crosses yours in the most special time of your life.
Daria N.